School of Veterinary Science volunteering opportunities

Get involved in the activities below and support the School, fellow alumni and students.

Accreditation activities

Time required: 1 hour, online
As part of the process for gaining accreditation from the RCVS and other accrediting bodies in Europe and further afield, the accrediting bodies often like to arrange sessions with former graduates to hear about your experiences whilst on our course at Liverpool. Sessions are typically no more than 1 hour over lunchtime or towards the end of the day and are held online. Having undergone various accreditation visits in 2022/23 the next rounds are likely to be in 2029/30.

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Admissions interviews

Time required: approx. 4 hours, online
Each year we interview applicants for our BVSc programme. The interviews take place online throughout November and December and are supported by academic staff and vets from across our network. Training for all interviewers is provided and you’ll gain the satisfaction of helping to recruit the best students to join our school, and become the next generation of vets. Interview sessions are approx. 4 hours (either morning or afternoon sessions) and participation in one or more sessions will be gratefully received.

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Careers fair at Leahurst

Time required: 1 day, in person
Each year in May our students arrange a careers fair for final year graduates to find out about career and employment opportunities. If you have vacancies or are seeking recent graduates to join practices where you work please utilise the opportunity to come and meet our students by taking a stand at the event.

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Critical friends – curriculum input

Time required: approx. 2 hours
As part of Quality Assurance regulations we are required to regularly review the content of our programme of delivery to ensure that we are keeping up to date with developments in the profession, regulatory requirements and are producing graduates with the right skills and experience to succeed in careers within the veterinary profession. We are keen to hear input from former graduates on your thoughts around the skills future graduates will require and will seek to conduct surveys and focus groups to allow you to feed in. Focus groups may be online or face to face and would typically be for a couple of hours approximately 3 times a year.

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EMS Providers

Time required: 1-4 weeks
EMS (Extramural Studies) placements give students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience and to practice the clinical skills that are acquired during the BVSc course in a range of ‘real workplace learning’ contexts. They are an essential part of the course and are mutually beneficial for the student and the provider as you get to have extra labour from a willing and capable student whilst they get to learn from you. Further details on becoming an EMS Provider are on our website:

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Time required: 1 day, in person
Assessment of our students includes OSPEs Objective Structured Preclinical Examinations which involves students moving around different examining stations for 8 minutes each testing their ability to apply knowledge, communicate effectively and perform manual tasks. If you are interested in being involved as an OSPE examiner you would need to be available for a full working day. OSPEs take place in May each year. Training and lunch are provided.

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Schwartz Rounds

Time required: approx. 1 hour
Schwartz Rounds are a group reflective practice giving staff and students from all disciplines an opportunity to reflect on the emotional and social aspects of working in healthcare. They originate from the NHS and are designed to fit within the working day, lasting no longer than 1 hour. Each round has a set theme and panellists are invited to share their experience to the audience alongside two trained facilitators that ensure the smooth running of the Schwartz Round. Discussion is then opened up to attendees. We typically hold these two or three times a year and would welcome input from interested speakers.

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Time required: variable
The University of Liverpool Veterinary Alumni Association (ULVAA) established in 1991 aims to connect veterinary graduates, staff and current students through offering support, organising events, and fostering links amongst our global veterinary alumni community. All graduates are automatically members of the Association, and there are opportunities to get involved with the Association such as being on the committee, helping us to support student activities such as the careers fair, or attending the AGM and other organised events. More details on

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