International networks

The University has official alumni networks based on six continents around the world. Our networks are co-ordinated by alumni volunteers who develop local networks, organise events, and help alumni in their community to maintain a lifelong connection with the University. To find out more about your local alumni network and its Ambassador or co-ordinator, please click on the links below.  

China Map of China


We currently have alumni networks run by ambassadors and volunteers in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Southeast Asia Malaysia on map

Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia we have networks in Malaysia and Singapore run by local ambassadors.

Australia Australia on map


In Australia we have an alumni network run by graduate Richard Axe, based in Victoria.

North America North America map

North America

In North America we have networks in New York, Northern California, Southern California and Toronto run by alumni ambassadors.

Europe Map of Europe


Find out more about the alumni networks we have in Europe including active networks in Germany, Ireland, France and Switzerland.

Africa Map showing Africa


Find out more about the alumni network we have in Nigeria organised by alumni ambassador, Faith Osiobe.

India Map of India


In India we currently have an alumni network run by Sanket Khanolkar based in Mumbai, with plans to develop in new regions.