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Carly Bowker (BA Hons Ancient History 2013) Carly Bowker

Carly Bowker

BA (Hons) Ancient History 2013

Chloe Clarke (BSc Hons Mathematics 2017) Chloe Clarke

Chloe Clarke

BSc (Hons) Mathematics 2017

Thomas Perry (BA Hons Modern History and Politics 2011) Thomas Perry

Thomas Perry

BA (Hons) Modern History and Politics 2011

Samantha Martin (BA Hons English & Communication Studies 2004) Sam Martin

Samantha Martin

BA (Hons) English and Communication Studies 2004

Xilin Liu (MSc Finance 2017) xilin liu

Xilin Liu

MSc Finance 2017

Xingyue Zeng (MSc Marketing 2016) Xingyue Zeng

Xingyue Zeng

MSc Marketing 2016

Helen Murray (MSc Marketing 2018) Helen Murray

Helen Murray

MSc Marketing 2018

Caroline Wong (LLB Law 2014)

Caroline Wong

LLB Law 2014

Rebecca Jackson (BA English Literature)

Rebecca Jackson

BA (Hons) English 2011