Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca is a Client Service Director at business-to-business PR agency, Definition. After her degree, she began her career in journalism, before moving into PR.

What was your best experience while studying your course at the University of Liverpool?

After deciding to go into journalism, volunteering and getting involved with different student groups allowed me to get some great on-the-job experience in my final year, when I was writing for local music magazines and zines alongside writing my dissertation. Tutors were able to offer support and advice and it made me realise my career path was realistic and achievable.

Why did you choose Liverpool?

As a proud Northerner and with a strong interest in popular culture, Liverpool as a city has everything – a great music scene, independent businesses, strong sense of community and good politics.

Which aspects of your course do you think have been the most beneficial to your career development?

With an English degree, I learnt to read and absorb information quickly, understand the impact of creative writing on an audience and developed a fine attention to detail, all of which helped me when starting out as a journalist and then as I moved into PR.

Can you describe your current role?

I’m a Client Service Director at one of the country’s leading B2B PR agencies Definition, specialising in creating and delivering strategic PR campaigns for a variety of clients across the professional services, maritime, transport and logistics and tech sectors. I head up the agency’s health and wellbeing division and have worked with clients on campaigns including launching charity fundraisers with members of the Royal Family, to opening the London Stock Exchange! As part of a wider communications group, I also lead the businesses’ People and Culture team, looking at everything from sustainability and training to diversity and inclusion in our Group and the wider industry.

Do you have any top tips to share with future and current students?

Don’t be afraid to reassess how your course meets your needs – I originally took on a Combined Honours degree (English and Politics) as I wanted to learn about everything I was interested in, but I soon realised I could focus on English and still be involved in the political scene as a student through student groups and local organisations. The University supported me in changing degrees and ensuring the course met my needs.

Describe in three words what Liverpool means to you.

Community, creativity, culture