Memories of Abercromby Square

Posted on: 27 September 2023 in 2023

Abercromby Square holds a special place for many Liverpool alumni, each student may tread a different path, but for generations students, no matter their story, have crossed paths and shared memories in this special place. Read on to hear about what the heart of campus means to our alumni and the role it played in their time here.

Mark still remembers his “final year Geophysics practical’s (1973-74). Ee used Abercromby Square for demonstration of earthquake detection. The idea was to create sound waves by banging metal plates placed on the grass with big hammers, then picking up the echoes travelling through the ground. Happy days!”

Barbara, who studied history in the 1950’s said: “The Geography department in Abercromby Square was my home from home in the late 1950’s. A little old house, with front stairs and back stairs, it provided a warm and convivially place of learning and friendship.”

Mark spoke of how Abercromby Square “brings back so many powerful and good memories, although mainly about walking back and forth endlessly to the Student Union (to check team listings) or the Sports Centre (to complete exhausting training). When I arrived at Liverpool, playing for the university cricket and football teams throughout my time (I was football captain in 76/7) became a central part of my life alongside my degree. I never expected this development and although I completed / received the History/Politics degree (somehow), I would love to go back and take it again now. In '76, the new library was open at the end of the square; it looked like a space ship had landed. Driving off the M62 and onto the ring road today still triggers a deep emotional and indescribable feeling (and a good one) inside me based on those 3 years, 74-77!”

Caroline shared how “12 years ago, I met my first-ever friend from my law course on the path just outside the Sydney Jones Library /Abercromby Square. Very encouraging for me as an international student back then to have received such warm welcome from a local British course mate. 12 years later, we're still very good friends. Time flies!”

Many also shared their memories of days in the sun and happy days celebrating graduations. Liverpool holds a special place in the memories of many of our alumni and friends, to hear from more of our alumni please see here:

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