Enhance living spaces with handcrafted home decorations and functional items from our talented alumni. Whether it's elegant wall art or rugs, these gifts add a personal touch to any home.

a) Clearance Outlet – Stuart Black (MRes Biomedical Science & Translational Medicine 2017)

b) Paul Curtis Artwork – Paul Curtis (BSc Hons Geology & Physical Geography 2000)

c) Shared Earth – Avantika Caprihan (MBA 2001)

d) Kaneo Crackers (eco-friendly) – Lucy Ewles (Graduates Into Employment 2006)

e) Sustain Furniture – James Mather (BA Hons Architecture 2006)

f) Termeh Rug – Moha J Mahani (BEng Hons Civil Engineering 2016)

g) Miniml Refills (eco-friendly) – Scott Rudd (BA Hons Business Studies 2016)

h) The Wholeleaf Company (eco-friendly) – Adejare Doherty (LLB Hons 2002)

i) Becca's Artsy Corner – Becca Lim (LLB Hons 2020)

j) Hannah Arhinful Art – Hannah Arhinful (MSc Research Methods In Psychology 2018)

k) Hewitt Sketches – Callum Hewitt (BA Hons Architecture 2023)

l) Little Sky Arts – Radka Hostasova (MA Arts Philosophy & Cultural Institutions 2021)

m) The Singh Twins Artwork – The Singh Twins (Amrit Singh MBE and Rabindra Singh MBE Hon LittD 2019)

n) Potato Cellar – Eleanor Ocock (BSc Hons Zoology 2023)

o) VEO – Joe Darwen (BA Hons Popular Music 2007)

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