Embrace the style of our fellow graduates by exploring a diverse collection of items. From clothing and shoes to accessories, find the perfect gift for the fashion enthusiast in your life.

a) Emma Customs – Emma Cullingford (BA Hons Marketing with Industry 2023)

b) Koi Footwear – Uzair Ahmad (BA Hons Law and Business 2015)

c) Aruna Seth – Aruna Seth (BA Hons Combined Honours 2003)

d) Boyds of Bedford – Jessica Answer (BSc Hons Product Design with Multimedia 2008)

e) Helen Chatterton Textiles – Helen Chatterton (BA Hons Classical Studies 1983)

f) Lazuli Label – Sarah Guenther (LLB with Business 2019)

g) Make Thread – Sarah O’Brien (MBA 2018) and Katie Roche (BA Business Studies with a Year in Industry 2014, MBA 2018)

h) Navy Grey – Rachel Carvell-Spedding (MBChB 1987)

i) Pinkkees (Nigeria)– Faith Osiobe (MSc Global Human Resources Management 2011)

j) Silk Fred – Emma Watkinson (BA Hons English Language & Literature 2008)

k) Sosandar – Ali Hall (BA Hons English and Literature 1996)

l) Trunk – Tom Darlow (BA Hons Marketing 2010)

m) 304 Clothing – Sean Cotter (BSc Hons Biochemistry 2006) and David Michael Powell (BA Hons Architecture 2011)

n) Wicker Wings – James Yu (BA Hons Business Economics 2013)

o) Juliet’s Lover – Kailun Zhang (BA Hons International Politics & Policy 2019)

p) Laura Bond – Laura Bond (BA Hons English Language & Literature 2006)

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