Food and Drink

Explore the tasty world crafted by culinary maestros among our alumni. From tempting sweets to cosy cushions, these gifts spread joy and satisfy cravings.


a) Love Cocoa – James Cadbury (BA Hons Marketing 2007)

b) Brew Tea Co. – Phil Kirby (BA Hons Financial Economics 2004)

c) Frenchie Cup of Tea - Sharon Grothe (MSc Entrepreneur & Innovation Management 2023 December)

d) Tea with Intention – Emma Fitzgerald (BSc Hons Genetics 2003)

e) Gravity Gin – Ant Ryan (BSc Hons Chemistry 1998)

f) Malt of The Earth – Tom Mills (BA Hons Architecture 2011)

g) Meon Valley Cider – Charlotte Johnson (BEng Hons Civil Engineering 1980)

h) Lunya – Elaine Kinsella (BSc Hons Psychology 1985) and Peter Kinsella (BSc Hons Psychology 1985)

i) SITONI’s Kitchen – Sandy Gill (BA Hons Business Economics 2019)

j) Decent Donuts – Anthony Polanowski (BA Hons Business Management 2023)

k) Holi's (Guangzhou, China) – Silu Li (MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management 2019) (Alumni discount: 22% off on any purchase, excluding drink packages. Contact: WeChat: POLLY784349)

l) Lucky’s Café – Lucky Ali (MBioSci 2022)

m) Yamama – Noura Qusairy (BA International Business 2019 and MSc Project Management 2020)

n) Abjak – Anirudh (Rudy) Parengal (MA International Business 2020)

o) Green Bike Food – Tom Daniels (BA Hons Business Management with Year in Industry 2019)

p) The Fruit Graduates (Malaysia)– Alif Roslan (BA Hons Business Management 2020)

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