Postgraduate student in the School of the Arts library

Library membership

Graduates of the University of Liverpool are invited to join the University's Library as alumni members following graduation.

All you need to do to become an alumni member of the library is apply in person to any of the University of Liverpool libraries with photo ID and proof of address.

Alumni membership entitles you to borrow up to 10 books for a period of two weeks. While there is no access to computing facilities, the library has been able to negotiate alumni access to a number of electronic resources.

In addition, there is access to the library’s extensive electronic resources through the ‘walk-in' service. This service is available to registered members of the library who are able to visit the library in person.  Please ask at the Help Desk in the Harold Cohen or Sydney Jones Library for more information. The Inter-Library Loan service is available at the full commercial rate. 

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