two teams of men entering football pitch from tunnel

Joe Morrissey (BA Hons Combined Honours 1990) (pictured above, left) has worked in different roles in IT for the last 25 years and is now Head of Application Development for The Football Association, so his days in the office are either at Wembley Stadium and St. George's Park. In between actual work, he has been lucky enough to play in a staff game at Wembley (see photo - on the left in the white shirt).

woman standing on a beach with waves in background

Professor Meryem BeklioäŸlu (PhD in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology 1995) says she had the best time of her life while at University of Liverpool pursuing her PhD. She researched Cheshire Meres under the supervision of the pioneering but sadly now deceased Professor Brian Moss. She plans to return to Liverpool this summer.       

Mary Adebiyi (BA Combined Hons (Arts) 1990) retrained as a speech and language therapist, and has recently joined a community neuro rehabilitation team treating patients with acquired neurological communication and swallowing disorders. 

Juliet Moore (BA Hons Architecture 1993) moved to Melbourne, Australia where she worked as an architect for five years before completing her BArch Architecture at RMIT University. She registered as an architect with the ARBV and began her own practice www.edwardsmoore.com with whom she won several awards nationally and internationally. She left Australia in 2018 to move back to Europe where she worked as a senior architect for OMA Rotterdam for four years, before moving back to the UK in 2021. She is restoring a 16th Century farmhouse in North Norfolk which she lives in with her partner and his three children, a dog, a cat, two sheep and seven chickens, and where she plans to retire quietly and write a book. 

Dr Simon James William Watson (BClinSci 1995, MBChB 1996) worked in Liverpool for a year after graduation then Nottingham, Bristol and Edinburgh.  He married Rachael in 2000 and settled in Edinburgh where both their children were born.  He works for the NHS as Medical Director of Healthcare Improvement Scotland and as a consultant in nephrology (kidneys) at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. 

Professor Sam Kariuki (PhD Tropical Medicine 1997) joined the Kenya Medical Research Institute as Research Scientist (1998-2009) and rose through the ranks to become Head of Department (Microbiology, 2009-2018) and then Director Research and Development (2018-2022), with a stint as Director General of the Institute (2021-2023). His area of research has been in Epidemiology and Genomics of Enteric pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). He advises MoH in the prevention and control of typhoid, cholera and other diarrheal diseases, including AMR.  He has published 176 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and 4 textbooks in Microbiology and is visiting Professor (Tropical Microbiology) Oxford University, Ohio State University Global One Health Initiative, an Honorary fellow of Sanger Institute, and a Strategic Technical Advisory Group member for WHO-AMR.

Alex Phillips (MBA Football Industries 1998) got a placement at the English FA, following his MBA, and then, thanks to also having foreign languages (French, Italian, Spanish) another placement at Deloitte Sport followed by a permanent position as a management consultant.  Four years later he moved to UEFA in Switzerland where he worked for 17 years in a variety of roles, including a 4-year stint in Malaysia at the Asian Football Confederation. He has been working as a consultant for the past three years, mainly for FIFA, primarily as Administrator to the World Football Remission Fund.                        

Philip Abbas (BA Hons Politics 1998) was co-founder of the African Caribbean Society at the University of Liverpool in 1995. Since graduation he has enjoyed multiple roles with the Labour Party and as a Unison regional organiser.                                            

Dr Alan Woodall (BSc Biochemistry 1991, PhD Biochemistry 1994) followed a research career, before training in medicine and now works as a lead doctor in rural Wales health board, with Honorary Fellowship in the Institute of Population Health, with a number of personal and collaborative research grants looking at physical health outcomes for patients with serious mental illness.

Robert Wallace (BEng Hons Building Services Engineering 1991) went to work for AMEC in Stratford-Upon-Avon following university, where he worked for several years before relocating to Glossop to work for a small cleanroom contractor, Thermal Transfer. In 2003 he set up his own cleanroom business which he left in 2005 to set up an energy consultancy in 2006 which is still running and supports the life sciences sector with carbon and energy reduction globally.                        

Michael Brennan (LLB Hons 1990) qualified as a solicitor in 1993 and unexpectedly fell into family law. He retired in April this year and is planning a move to Cumbria.            

Professor Dr Kadhim M Ibrahim (PhD 1990) was appointed as a lecturer in the Foundation of Technical Institutes following his graduation from the University in 1990. He then became Head of Plant Biotechnology at Al-Musaib Technical College, Babylon, before moving to Al-Nahrain University in 2003 where he was appointed Assistant Professor. In 2005 he was awarded a professorship, and was responsible for supervising around 100 postgraduates. He was appointed as Dean of the College of Biotechnology until he retired in 2022. He now runs a private business looking after his orchard in Baghdad. Liverpool as a city and university taught him a great deal, none of which he has forgotten. It opened his eyes to how to go on to be a successful graduate.

Hoda Elmikaty (MSc 1990) has been the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) General Coordinator since June 2020. In May 2016, Hoda held the post of the BA Deputy Director for a four-year-term. She was responsible for all the administrative works of the Library, overseeing the smooth operation of projects undertaken by the various sectors of the Library and monitoring and evaluating performance of the different departments at the BA. She has a diverse professional background experience; from engineering, where she holds a Master’s degree in Parallel Processing, participating in simulation projects at the Arab Academy and latterly at the Construction Monitoring Unit of the Library of Alexandria Project; to science communication and lifelong learning, where she established the first state-of-the-art science centre in Egypt and created the North Africa and Middle East network of Science Centres (NAMES); to Cultural institutional management, where she was head of the Cultural Outreach sector at the Library of Alexandria and then appointed by Dr Ismail Serageldin as Deputy Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina for a four-year term.  She obtained her BSc in Electrical Communication from Alexandria University, Egypt and an MSc in Parallel Processing from the University of Liverpool, England. She joined the BA as part of the Construction Monitoring Unit Team during the Library’s construction phase. In 2000, she assumed the management of the BA Planetarium Science Centre (PSC) where she introduced the first hands-on informal science education facility in Egypt. She founded the North Africa and Middle East Science centre’s network (NAMES) and became its first president from 2006 to 2010. She also founded the IEEE Egyptian Women in Engineering (WIE) affinity group and chaired it from 2008 to 2009. Hoda took charge of the BA Cultural Outreach Sector in 2013. Through this post, she managed the BA outreach activities in arts, science communication and heritage, supervising the different departments under the sector. Her main interest lies in promoting the concepts and methods of lifelong learning to the general public and promoting learning beyond the classroom walls for school and university students. She is also a firm supporter of women and their empowerment, especially in the field of science. She is working with a number of local and regional networks of women to cross barriers and break any glass ceilings in the path of female advancement in careers in various fields of science. In this regard, she organized the international Women in Science conference at the BA in 2007, and she has successfully relocated the secretariat of the Arab Network of Women in Science and Technology (ANWST) to the BA. She is a member of the Culture and Knowledge Council at the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and she was a member of the Egyptian National Council for Women and a member of the ad hoc Committee on Science Education at the International Council of Science (ICSU) from 2010 to 2011. She is also a member of several NGOs and cultural committees and societies. She sees herself as a doer and an achiever. She possesses excellent management skills and has overseen projects that involved millions of dollars and teams from all around the world. She is married and has two boys who hold PhDs in Engineering and are currently employed in the USA.           

Daniel Hickmore (BSC Hons Plant Science 1991) is currently working for Amazon Web Services as Health and Life Sciences Strategic Initiatives Leader. He engages with global life sciences organisations, such as AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson and Novo Nordisk proving digital and organisational transformation advice and support in Research and Discovery. He covers topics such as Data, analytics, automation, AI/ML and cloud computing innovation.       

David Martin (BA Hons Music 1991) is currently leader of Music in a secondary school in West Sussex.     

Simon  Wright (BSc Hons Physical Geography 1991) moved to a company pre-Covid that creates flood maps and associated data products for the insurance and property industries.  He works as a Python geospatial developer and Agile Scrum Master.        

Philip Smith (BA Hons Geography 1991) is a British diplomat currently working as Development Director for the UK Government based in Kampala, Uganda. Philip joined the UK’s development agency (the Department for International Development - DFID) in 2002 and held senior positions in DFID and subsequently in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office - in London and overseas.  Prior to being posted to Uganda, Philip has held previous positions as the UK’s Country Director in Ghana, Malawi and Nepal where he led UK efforts to build Nepal’s capacity to prepare and respond to earthquakes and other natural disasters.    

Dr Naseer Ahmed Shaikh (Diploma Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1991) remembers his class as being like the UN General Assembly with students from all over the world. He says all teachers were well qualified and knew how to deliver their knowledge to students of all races and all teaching and non-teaching staff were very friendly. All in all, he spent a memorable time in Liverpool.             

Professor Mohamed Abdrabo (PhD Civic Design Department 1991) returned home to Egypt following his PhD and continued his work at Alexandria University. His line of expertise is environmental and climate change economics and socioeconomic studies. He has been involved in several research projects since his return. The latest was the establishment of the Alexandria Research Center for Adaptation to Climate Change (ARCA) at the University with the support of IDRC-Canada. The Center is now part of Alexandria University as a non-profit research center. He was also a Lead Author of IPCC AR5-WGII.             

Mark Kiely (BA Hons Combined Arts 1992) completed a second degree in 2007, a BSc Hons in Acupuncture from the University of Portsmouth. He left his previous role working in the wine trade and in 2014 went on to complete a diploma in massage treatment. He has run a London-based practice providing acupuncture and therapeutic massage for over 15 years.  

Professor Simeon Mining (PhD Veterinary Parasitology 1992) worked as a senior research scientist at the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute from 1986 - 1993 then joined Moi University, School of Medicine in 1993 as a lecturer, becoming a professor in 2015 and Director of Research from 2014-2022. He was elected President of the Kenya Society of Immunology in 2010 and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Medicine in 2012 for distinguish collaboration and research with Linkoping University Sweden.

Pippa Slack (BSc Combined Hons Computer Science and Psychology) went on to do a second, long planned for, degree in Osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy. She married Jonathan Slack shortly after graduation, who then went on to work together as associates in a practice in Hereford.  A few years later, they took over a practice in Penarth, near Cardiff, Wales, and have been running their own practice, Penarth Osteopathic Practice, since then.  They have two children aged 23 and 20 are loving life!        

Dr Jonathan Wonham (PhD Geology 1993) loved his time studying for a PhD at Liverpool. He was almost permanently on fieldwork in the Alps, Pyrenees and Leighton Buzzard! After leaving, he spent a couple of years as a postdoctoral research associate at Imperial College London, followed by 22 years with Elf and Total as a petroleum geologist. In 2017, he decided he needed a change of scene and has now spent five years writing poetry and publishing books, with five poetry books out so far. The two most recent The Lady on the Plank and Until Independence Day have raised £2,750 for charities helping Ukrainian refugees.    

William Fletcher (BEng Electrical Engineering and Electronics 1991) has served in the British Army for nearly 25 years as a senior electronics technician with every posting being within Germany. He was involved in ECM projects (electronic counter measures against mines), BOWMAN (the radio system for communications) and the Challenger 2 main battle tank that has been in service since 1999.  On retiring from the military in 2020, he was immediately re-employed by the MOD as a German civilian to inspect armoured vehicles being used by troops training in Estonia.  He uses much of his free time travelling and photographing wildlife and cities.     

Passang Norbu (Advance Diploma, Geographical and EVS) was an Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) scholarship student from Bhutan studying at LIHE, University of Liverpool.  After his studies, he worked as Curriculum Officer, designing National Curriculums for Primary and Lower Secondary Schools in Bhutan. His higher study has given him many positive impacts and insights on national social curriculum. He also worked as District Education Officer taking the major responsibilities of curriculum supervision and implementation where he emphasized Environmental Science. He also worked as Principal in many high Schools where he taught Geography and Environmental Science in senior classes. At present he is a teaching Principal in a private Higher Secondary School in Bhutan. He teaches Environmental Science and Agriculture subjects where he advocates for and educates secondary students on current environmental issues that Bhutan and the world is facing.

Ilia Daoussi (MA in Archaeology 1994) came back to Liverpool after almost 30 years following graduation, and is now working now as a professional counsellor. Ilia says, “At first glance my career may appear in disparity with my studies, but in reality they have given me essential tools in being curious, digging deeper and seeking the archetypal aspects still present in our behaviours.”

Professor Arthur Kwena MRCVS (MSc Veterinary Parasitology 1994) initially worked as a research scientist until 1996 when he transitioned into academia first as a lecturer, then as Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor in Medical Biochemistry, School of Medicine, Moi University, Kenya. He also held administrative responsibilities as Head of Department, Acting Dean and is currently Associate Dean School of Medicine of the same University. He continues to teach both undergraduates and postgraduates at the college of Health Sciences at the University, whilst also carrying out research into malaria and malnutrition in children. He is also an active member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He is thankful to the University of Liverpool, specifically the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, who have nurtured him to his present position.  

Kirsti McKernan (BA Hons Hispanic Studies 1995) is now in her 26th year of working in the contact centre industry, having worked as one of BT’s first graduates in a fledgling channel. Her current role at Just Eat takeaway has given her the most amazing opportunities. As Director of Customer Service for the UK and Ireland, she works as part of a global team, in a business which has a terrific culture. She still loves to visit Liverpool, a city which will always remain in her heart. She has also enjoyed taking her family to Granada, where she completed her year abroad. A year ago she came across someone who lived in her old student house ‘The Old Rocking Horse Shop’ next to the Brookhouse, and enjoyed reminiscing and catching up on what it’s like to be a student now.

Chris Bascombe (BA Hons Combined Honours 1995) is the Merseyside football reporter for the Daily & Sunday Telegraph.

Cormac McCloskey (BA Hons History and English and Modern History 1995) is a writer whose self-published book of poems, which he describes as “light but full of significance”, were published in 2011, one on Immortality and the other on Education.

Dr Caroline Smailes (BA Hons English Lit and Language 1996) is an internationally bestselling author, with her 10th novel, Mrs Van Gogh, published in Feb 2023 by HarperCollins. Alongside this, she is a senior lecturer in prose at Liverpool John Moores University.          

Niki Reilly (BA Hons History 1997) went on to teach history and English and now works on a Uni Connect Project in Cambridgeshire.         

Professor Dr Tülay Yildirim (PhD Electronics Engineering and Electronics 1997) continued her career journey as an academician in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, in her home country, Turkey. She has been working as a professor at Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul for 17 years. During this period, she was the head of the department, the vice dean, and a board member in the Council of Higher Education. Her time in Liverpool was unforgettable, she still gets to meet her mentor, Dr John S Marsland, and a small number of friends.    

Luke Rees (BSc Hons Geography 1998) enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing before he followed his passion to explore the world and write about action sports and adventure travel. He has since set up AWE365.com, one of the leading websites focussed on adventure sports holidays. He is a well-regarded snowboard journalist within the winter sports community and is invited all over the world to experience outdoor activities ranging from hiking to mountain biking and surfing to skydiving. While he doesn’t use his degree directly, he believes the skills he learnt studying Geography in Liverpool have been key to his success.        

Jonathan Quelch (BA Archaeology 1998) went on to complete a Masters in property valuation and law at City Business School, London. He qualified as a chartered surveyor and is now an owner of pubs and event business.

Professor Nicola Botting (PhD Child Health 1998) is now a professor at City University of London, specialising in the language and cognition of children with atypical development.

John J Hilton (BA Hons Latin American Studies 1998) went on to do an MA degree in Information & Library Management at Liverpool John Moores University in 2001.  He then joined the University of Liverpool Library later that year, and has professionally progressed his way up over the years.  His current position is Collections Development Librarian where he is based at the Sydney Jones Library.   

Raiman Karim (BSc Hons Diagnostic Radiography 1998) found studying in Liverpool far from home extraordinary. He remembers Wednesday was laundry day for all of them! He remembers all the lecturers were so nice to him, and the clinical supervisors at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital were superb. A shout out to Mrs Wesley and Mr Alistair Simpson, whom he hopes are both well! He worked as a Diagnostic Radiographer at the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital Brunei after graduation and in 2012, moved back to his home town of Kuala Belait in Brunei Darussalam and worked at the Suri Seri Begawan Hospital. Amongst the modalities available there are Computed Tomography, Fluroscopy and of course general radiography. If any of his ex-classmates remember him, drop him a line.

John Ellison (MEng Mechanical Engineering 1988) has worked for Jacobs Engineering, Kellogg's and Premier Foods    since leaving university.

Meng Hong Leow (MPA 1998) was seconded from the People’s Association to Singapore Wushu Dragon and Lion Dance Federation in Oct 2018 which has been challenging and fulfilling. Meng Hong has assisted in organising many national events such as National Wushu and Sanda Champions, National Lion Dance Championships and National Luminous Dragon Dance Championships; and sending national teams to overseas competitions such as World Wushu Championships, Asian Wushu Championships, Asian Games, and Southeast Asian Games.  Meng Hong has also assisted the Federation to win Singapore’s Stewards of Intangible Cultural Heritage Award in March 2023; and hosting rights for 4th World Taijiquan Championships to be held in August 2024 in Singapore.

Agisilaos Kalogiannis (BSc Computer Science 1999) did an MSc in Business Information Technology at UMIST University following graduation from Liverpool and an MBA at Cranfield University. He currently works as the Head of Product Enablement for an Enterprise Cyber Security company.      

Jane Pei Qiu (MBA 1999) studied Chinese Medical Science in Shanghai before she went to the UK for her Master of Business Administration degree.  Upon graduation, she joined GlaxoSmithKline China in administration and Human Resource/Internal Communications, followed by five years in Toronto working at a local Canadian media company Corus Entertainment on Human Resources. She studied both Canadian Accounting and North American Total Rewards system during the period in Toronto.  She then started freelance consulting on all sorts of projects for the pharmaceutical industry, dental field, and consumer products industry.  Her strength is to use innovative ways to find candidates with high engagement for their best fit positions; to evaluate organisations’ total rewards system to motivate and increase employees’ engagement; to use HR statistics analysis reports to help organisations to manage and develop people for improving the business effectiveness; to propose career development pathways for individuals.  She always recalls her great education experiences in Liverpool and is very grateful for the way it has opened her vision and given her the key to explore the world.          

Professor Andrew Kehoe (BA Hons English Language & Literature 1998, MSc Information Systems 1999) has been Professor of Corpus Linguistics at Birmingham City University since September 2022, where he is also Director of Research in English.     

Dr Alan Woodall (BSc Biochemistry 1991, PhD Biochemistry 1995) followed a research career, trained in medicine and now works as a lead doctor in a rural Wales health board. He has an Honorary Fellowship at the Institute of Population Health, with a number of personal and collaborative research grants looking at physical health outcomes for patients with serious mental illness. He thinks it’s lovely to still be working with Liverpool after over 30 years!   

Professor Matt Jones (BSc Cell Biology 1991, PhD 1997, BVSc 2001) is a Liverpool graduate three times over and feels a very strong loyalty and connection. His first child was born in Liverpool during his vet degree which was pretty amazing, particularly given his focus on extra-curricular activities. He is now head of a vet school and agrees it’s great to be with students again reminding him of the special place your university days have in your life. He is still in touch with fellow students from his first day at Liverpool in 1988. While he agrees they’re quite old now they can still summon up those early days when they meet, though recovery times are a little longer now. Liverpool is such a special place and he believes he is fortunate to have been absorbed in its life for so long.   

Dr Edward Scully (BA Modern History and Politics 1996, Masters of Public Administration 1997) is currently Director of Primary and Community Healthcare at the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK Government where he is responsible for policy for out of hospital NHS services.

Darryl Bishop (BA Hons Psychology 1991, pictured above) has spent his life working to change the way countries respond to mental health and addiction. He has led wide reaching social change projects in New Zealand over the last 20 years with international recognition. Most recently Darryl formed the Ember Korowai Takitini group with a vision of a New Zealand where all people are included and supported to be who they want to be.

Frederik Cornu (MEng Civil and Structural Engineering 1997, pictured above) joined Time for the Planet as a modest shareholder, a non-profit company raising £1 billion to create 100 companies fighting global warming, by reducing or eliminating greenhouse gas (GHG) emission on a global level. These companies will apply open-source principle to share their innovation to speed up their roll out and three companies have already been launched. Frederik welcomes alumni to read more about this initiative and possibly become a shareholder: https://www.time-planet.com/en. Frederik joined WSP New Zealand in 2022 as Market Leader, Sustainable Places, to support low carbon and nature positive urban (re)development in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Francis Goodhand (BA Hons Music 1995) was sitting at the back of the Stanley Theatre in the Liverpool Guild of Students, as Musical Director for LUST’s first production, Cabaret in 1994, when he first thought about trying to pursue a career in theatre. Twenty-seven years later, he feels lucky, happy and grateful to work as a composer, songwriter, arranger and musical director, most recently for national tours of Jersey Boys and Tell Me On A Sunday, and regional productions of Top Hat, Holes, Singin' In The Rain and Cats. Find out more about his work: www.francisgoodhand.co.uk

Dr Caroline Murray (BSc Zoology 1994, BVSc Veterinary Science 1997, pictured above) worked and travelled all over the world using her vet passport, including, Africa, Asia, Australia and currently in New Zealand. She's worked as a remote veterinary consultant to Compassionate Paws International, an African and Asian NGO addressing street dog issues from a grassroots level. Caroline is also training in NLP (neurolinguistic programming), pain and trauma management, gut health and holistic medicine, based on her recent mental and physical health challenges and will be writing a book about this including her veterinary and travel adventures.

Antony Ryan (BSc Hons Chemistry 1998, pictured above) runs his own drinks company Big Bang Botanicals, distilling gins, spiced rums, vodka & botanical spirits on the Wirral, Merseyside. As well as producing drinks, including Gravity Gin, Relativity Rum and Velocity Vodka, they have recently produced VLABC, a spirit inspired by chemistry & Breaking Bad.

Neil Treadway (BA Geography 1999, pictured above) has been involved in an audiology and hearing aid clinic start-up that grew to 245 centres across Canada prior to selling the company. He attended the Kellogg School of Graduate Management at Northwestern University and received his MBA. He has now started a second venture with two partners in Toronto and Montreal in the online automotive auction business, Shiftgate that is now in its first round of capital raising. Find out more: www.shiftgate.com

Professor Kasim Al-Aubidy (PhD Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1990, pictured above) joined the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Liverpool in May 1986 and worked with Professor K. J. Binns and Dr. David Shimman. His doctoral thesis focussed on the Rotor Detection and Real-Time Control of PM Drive Systems. Kasim joined the University of Technology in 1990 and has been working at Philadelphia University, Jordan since 1998 where he is Professor of Real-time Systems, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Dean of Quality Assurance.

Professor Sultan Al-Lihaibi (PhD Oceanography 1991, pictured above) joined King Abdulaziz University, College of Marine Sciences, Department of Marine Chemistry after graduating from the University of Liverpool. His academic journey was a mixture of scientific knowledge and discovery, with his scientific base established at the University of Liverpool and continued through the University of Nantes in France until he reached Hokkaido University in Japan. All these accumulated experiences require effort and diligent work. He'd like to send big thanks to the University of Liverpool and of course to Professor George A. Wolff.

Andy Benham (BSc Hons Oceanography with Chemistry 1998) spent 20 years at Sellafield Ltd working as an Analyst and Dangerous Goods Despatching Officer.

Richard Bradford (PGCE 1999) worked for five years 'on supply' in high schools in Merseyside and Greater Manchester. He then returned to English language teaching, this time to refugees and asylum seekers, before deciding to go to the University of Melbourne for a Master’s degree in TESOL. In combination with earlier teaching qualifications, this opened the door to teaching English to international students in university, briefly in Australia and the UK, then for five years in China (at Liverpool's XJTLU partner), and more recently back in the UK.

Dr Ornsiri Cheunsuang (PhD 1997, pictured above) is an associate professor in veterinary anatomy at Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Veterinary Science, Thailand. She was studying for a PhD at the University of Liverpool during 1994-1997, under the supervision of Dr Richard Morris. In 2000-2001 and 2003-2005, she came back to the University of Liverpool for postdoctoral research. In 2013-2014 she participated in the prestigious Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program, awarded by the US Government to experience higher education administration at Pennsylvania State University, and veterinary education at Colorado State University. She is also an AUNQA lead assessor for the ASEAN University Network, which is the quality assurance network in higher education in Southeast Asia.

Dr Peter Compton (PhD Economic History 1992) qualified as a Chartered Accountant and moved to France after graduation. Since then, he has worked in France, the US, Algeria, Cameroon, Kurdistan, Tunisia and Gabon, and has been at various times an auditor, a finance manager/director and a country manager (on a few occasions), mainly in the oil and gas industry. The skills Peter learned at Liverpool set him up for life and he will always be grateful for the years he spent there and the encouragement he received.

Professor Ahmet Erkan Kideys (PhD Marine Biology 1992, pictured above) is currently a Professor of Marine Ecology at the Institute of Marine Sciences of the Middle East Technical University, Erdemli Campus, Mersin, Turkey, working on plankton and marine litter. He completed his PhD in PEML at Port Erin on the Isle of Man between 1988-1991. After graduation he returned to the Institute of Marine Sciences of the Middle East Technical University (IMS-METU), Turkey, later working at the EU Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy for two years and then at the intergovernmental Black Sea Commission for the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution for four years. He is married to Alison from Scotland and they have three children.

Emma Louise Roberts (BSc Hons Genetics 1998) completed a fast track nursing diploma with the University of Nottingham after graduation. She has worked in critical care and operations, and gained post graduate degree in specialist practice. She now holds the post of associate chief nurse at Sheffield Teaching Hospital and has recently become a fellow in Safe Staffing for the Chief Nurses Office NHS England. She is still finding time for horse riding to maintain a balance, which has been particularly important in the last two years.

Dr Fiona Robinson (PhD Mechanical Engineering 1991) has spent most of her career in the steel industry in Research, Process Development and Technology innovation roles. For the last 12 years, her research and consultancy focus has been on improvement and development of new electrical steels (and other soft magnetic materials) with excellent electromagnetic and mechanical properties for EV electric motors. She is a Fellow FIMMM of IOM3 and active in three committees including Vice Chair of Women in Materials, Minerals and Mining. She is married with three sons who are currently studying at university. 

Julie Rowlandson (BEd Environmental Studies 1992) is mum to four amazing young men and Headteacher of a large Junior school in Shropshire. She has had a varied career, teaching in non-maintained nursery schools, Primary and Higher Education and leading Forest School provision. As a headteacher, she is passionate about a holistic approach to educating the whole child and ensuring that all children flourish. In her home life, she enjoys walking her dog, Bilberry, open water swimming, craft work, playing violin and when Covid-19 restrictions allow, travelling.

Michael Sandys (LLM International Law 1995) is currently a Partner at Guy Williams Layton LLP based in Liverpool and specialising in IP/ Commercial Contracts and Company Law. He is also Area Leader for FSB Merseyside and Cheshire, and Chair of the Liverpool Law Society Non-Contentious Business Committee. He lives in Southport with 3 children and his wife (who he also has the pleasure of working with).

Marieke Schouten (MSc Community Health 1995, pictured above) still has good memories of 1995 Liverpool, from the Egg Cafe to the many concerts in the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and living in Toxteth and the town centre. She would like to know where her fellow students from Yemen, Papua New Guinea, DRC, and Western Europe are up to. From Liverpool, Marieke journeyed on to Nepal, to the world of donor agencies and being director of War Trauma Foundation to now being an alderman in her home city in The Netherlands.

Meinir Tuckey (BA Hons Music, Sport, Recreation and Physical Education 1993, pictured above) has travelled widely through her work as a singer. She spent five years touring the world with the acapella group, The Swingle Singers. She performed on cruise ships in her twenties as a part of the production cast, and as a session singer in London and then Sydney, where she lived for nine years. She then moved home to Wales with her young family, and she is now part of a classical crossover duo called Indigo May. They perform as guest artists onboard cruise liners. She also teaches singing and Pilates when at home.

Ailsa Wolloshin (BA Hons Modern History 1991, pictured above) did a primary PGCE a couple of years after graduating which led to almost 25 years in a variety of classrooms and a Master’s in Education (History). She is now a mum, a yoga lover and a Senior Lecturer in Primary Education.