The 2022 Alumni Christmas Gift Guide

Posted on: 7 December 2022 by Development and Alumni Relations team in 2022

Are you looking for some Christmas gift inspiration? Why not support your fellow graduate community and shop their small businesses?

We’ve compiled a handy list so you browse all your fantastic alumni community has to offer, listed by category and in alphabetical order by graduate surname. Take a look!

Food and Drink

Love Cocoa 

James Cadbury (BA Hons Marketing 2007)

Green Bike Food

Tom Daniels (BA Hons Business Management with Year in Industry 2019)

Tea with Intention

Emma Fitzgerald (BSc Hons Genetics 2003)

Sitoni’s Kitchen

Sandy Gill (BA Hons Business Economics 2019)

Meon Valley Cider

Charlotte Johnson (BEng Hons Civil Engineering 1980)


Elaine Kinsella (BSc Hons Psychology 1985) and Peter Kinsella (BSc Hons Psychology 1985)

Brew Tea Company

Phil Kirby (BA Hons Financial Economics 2004)

Malt of the Earth

Tom Mills (BA Hons Architecture 2011)

Decent Donuts

Anthony Polanowski (BA Business Management student)

Gravity Gin

Ant Ryan (BSc Hons Chemistry 1998)

The Fruit Graduates

Alif Roslan (BA Hons Business Management 2020)

Health and Beauty

Naturally Tribal Skincare

Shalom Lloyd (MBA 2010)

Pink Cloud Beauty

Suzanne Wong (BA Hons Marketing 2009)


Koi Footwear

Uzair Ahmad (BA Hons Law and Business 2015)

Boyds of Bedford

Jessica Answer (BSc Hons Product Design with Multimedia 2008)

Navy Grey

Rachel Carvell-Spedding (MBChB 1987)

Helen Chatterton Textiles

Helen Chatterton (Classical Studies 2007)

304 Clothing

Sean Cotter, (BSc Hons Biochemistry 2006) and David Michael Powell (BA Hons Architecture 2011)


Ling Chen (MSc Management 2015)

A special 30% discount on all range customised shoes order is available to alumni. Please email:

Emma Customs

Emma Cullingford (BA Marketing with Industry student)


Tom Darlow (BA Hons Marketing 2010)

Lazuli Label

Sarah Guenther (LLB with Business 2019)


Ali Hall (BA Hons English and Literature 1996)

Make Thread

Sarah O’Brien (MBA 2018) and Katie Roche (BA Business Studies with a Year in Industry 2014, MBA 2018)


Faith Osiobe (MSc Global Human Resources Management 2011)

Aruna Seth

Aruna Seth (Combined Honours 2003)

Silk Fred

Emma Watkinson (BA Hons English Language & Literature 2008)

Wicker Wings

James Yu (BA Hons Business Economics 2013)


Laura Bond

Laura Bond (BA Hons English Language and Literature)

Juliet’s Lover

Kailun Zhang (BA Hons International Politics & Policy 2019)


Peachi Baby

Rosie Brown (BA Hons Geography for Management 2010)

Dear Bump

Emma Jarvis (MBA 2017)


Hannah Arhinful Art

Hannah Arhinful (MSc Research Methods In Psychology 2018)


Clearance Outlet

Stuart Black (MRes Biomedical Science & Translational Medicine 2017)

Shared Earth

Avantika Caprihan (MBA 2001)

Paul Curtis Artwork

Paul Curtis (BSc Hons Geology & Physical Geography 2000)


Joe Darwen (BA Hons Popular Music 2007)

The Wholeleaf Company

Adejare Doherty (LLB Hons 2002)

Kaneo Crackers

Lucy Ewles (Graduates Into Employment 2006)

Little Sky Arts

Radka Hostasova (MA Arts Philosophy & Cultural Institutions 2021)

Becca's Artsy Corner

Becca Lim (LLB Hons 2020)

Termeh Rug

Moha J Mahani (BEng Hons Civil Engineering 2016)

Sustain Furniture

James Mather (BA Hons Architecture 2006)

Miniml Refills

Scott Rudd (BA Hons Business Studies 2016)

The Singh Twins Artwork

The Singh Twins

Cote d’Azur Plants and Flower - Shanghai

Joanna You (MSc Human Resources Management 2014)

Image of candles near a Christmas tree

Alumni will enjoy a 10% discount on all handcrafted flower gifts and all flower arrangement and Christmas DIY activities at Joanna’s studio in Shanghai. Please contact Joanna You:


Pets Purest

Oliver Bristowe (BA Hons Business Economics)

The Original Dog Bakery

Eilish Clarke, (BA Hons Business Studs with Year in Industry 2015)

Nood Pet Food

Laura Fielding (MESci Geology & Physical Geography 2009)


Troy Hawke Tour

Milo McCabe (BA Hons Psychology 1998)

Sheel Cooks

Sheel Patel (BA Hons Ancient History & Archaeology 1995)

Flour Will Fly

Paola Paulucci (BA Hons Marketing 2014)



One Body LDN

Rebecca Bossick (BSc Hons Physiotherapy 2012)

If you are a Liverpool graduate with a business, or know someone who is, please email with your details to be included in our Alumni Christmas Gift Guide.


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