Profile for Pain Awareness Month: Professor Ron Jones FRCVS OBE

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September is Pain Awareness Month and the University of Liverpool Veterinary Alumni Association caught up with alumnus Professor Ron Jones (BVSc 1960, MVSc 1973), former President of RCVS and Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Anaesthesia at the University of Liverpool.

Ron qualified from Liverpool in 1960 and after a long-term locum position in general practice he joined the staff of the Glasgow Veterinary School as a House Surgeon in Large Animal Surgery. Here he worked with Sydney Jennings on large animal anaesthetic equipment. Ron was specifically given the task of maintaining anaesthesia with halothane in a Boyle's bottle vaporiser during operations. While at Glasgow he spent a year in Pharmacology working on the phenothiazines in horses. Ron was then offered the first designated post in Veterinary Anaesthesia (created by the cooperation of Professors Wright and Gray) at the University of Liverpool. He initially spent time in the Department of Anaesthesia in the Medical School and went to various Liverpool hospitals before returning to the Veterinary School to deal with equipping the hospitals, teaching and clinical work at Liverpool and Leahurst. In the early 70's, Ron’s post was transferred to the Department of Anaesthesia where he stayed until his retirement. He was promoted to a personal chair in 1990.


Ron funds an annual prize for graduating vets: The Professor Ronald Jones, OBE Prize in Veterinary Anaesthesia. The prize is awarded to the final year student who has shown the best overall performance in Veterinary Anaesthesia.


Did anyone inspire you while you were a student?

Professor J G Wright, A.C Shuttleworth and the clinical trio of Paul Neal, Jim Pinsent and Harry Ritchie. Ron reunited with the Veterinary Class of 1960 in 2020, see here for their reflections of University.


When did you know you wanted to specialise in anaesthesia and analgesia?

My initial interest was sparked when I was thrust into the field in Glasgow but it mainly started when I became aware of the unique opportunity to land a post with the medical connections.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

"GO FOR IT!  Obtain some general veterinary experience, apply for a residency post and don't be afraid to go to another country if the post is right for you.


What is your top tip for your fellow alumni this Pain Awareness Month?

Do not ever be afraid to administer analgesia, even if colleagues are sceptical. Our animals deserve it.


How can alumni follow what you're doing?

I still publish from time to time and can be contacted via the University of Liverpool Alumni office (


Thank you, Ron, for helping us celebrate our alumni with careers in anaesthesia and analgesia for Pain Awareness Month.


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