Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Seeking to Reconnect with Lost Alumni for 125th Anniversary Celebration

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As Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) gears up to celebrate its momentous 125th Anniversary, the institution is embarking on a campaign to reconnect with its lost alumni.

In an effort to ensure that every former student feels included and part of the celebration, LSTM is reaching out to alumni from across the globe, inviting them to reconnect with their alma mater and be part of the milestone event.

LSTM, renowned for its pioneering research and contributions in the field of tropical medicine, holds its alumni close to its heart. These individuals, who have made significant contributions to global health, are an integral part of the institution's history. LSTM recognises the immeasurable value of its alumni, and the 125th Anniversary celebration aims to bring them back into the fold.

"Our alumni are the embodiment of our legacy. They have made immense contributions to the field of tropical medicine, humanitarian efforts, and public health worldwide, and their achievements continue to inspire us," said James McMahon, Alumni and Donor Relations Officer. "We want to reconnect with our lost alumni, extend our gratitude for their past involvement, and invite them to join us in celebrating this significant milestone."

With a vast network of graduates spanning over decades, LSTM is utilising various channels, including social media, and personal outreach, to reconnect with former students.

The 125th Anniversary celebration will see a series of events, lectures, and reunions scheduled to take place throughout the 2023-24. Alumni will have the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, reminisce about their time at LSTM, and witness the cutting-edge research and advancements that have emerged since their departure. Moreover, the celebrations will provide a platform for alumni to network, collaborate, and continue their contributions to tropical medicine.

The LSTM community eagerly awaits the return of its lost alumni, eager to reconnect and hear their inspiring stories. To all former students who may have lost touch over the years, LSTM extends an open invitation to rekindle the bond and be part of the 125th Anniversary festivities. By reconnecting with their alma mater, lost alumni can rediscover the sense of pride and belonging that comes from being part of an institution that has shaped global health for 125 extraordinary years.

For more information and to reconnect with LSTM, alumni are encouraged to sign up to the network by clicking here.