In memoriam: Professor Lovett Lawson

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Professor Lovett Lawson

The University of Liverpool was saddened to hear of the passing of Professor Lovett Lawson (Diploma 1984, MTropMed 2002, PhD 2006). Professor Lawson had an esteemed career in the area of infectious diseases and was a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the Nigeria Alumni Network, offering support as a trustee of the network.

Professor Lawson graduated from the University of Lagos in 1975 and achieved a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from the University of Liverpool in 1984, later completing a Masters in Tropical Medicine in 2002 and a PhD in Tropical Medicine in 2006. In 2012, he attained a Fellowship of Royal College of Physician in Edinburgh.

Professor Lawson was a Professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine, Bingham University and was Chairman of the Board of Directors at Zankli Medical Centre.

He has a long-standing experience in clinical practice in Nigeria and in recent years dedicated his time to the eradication of tuberculosis in Nigeria having conducted research and 68 publications on mainly Tuberculosis and other Infectious Diseases.

Faith Osiobe (MSc Global Human Resource Management 2011) remembers Professor Lawson below: 

“Our dear Prof was a very kind and supportive man. I remember in 2015 when I was running around planning our alumni network launch he was among the very few persons who reached out to me to ask how he could help. He never knew me or saw me before then, but trusted me and gave massive support. Subsequently, he was always there to support us as a member and as our Board of Trustees chair. His acts of kindness will never be forgotten.

Prof treated everyone with love and respect. He always listened to me when I had something to say and always made me feel important and special, never minding my age, class or status. I remember how I would brag and pose to everyone on our NEC platform that I was his favourite. We would all joke and brag over which one of us had that spot, this was so because you showed us all so much love and everyone would rather identify with such a pleasant man.

Professor Lawson was a jovial man, a happy-go-lucky fellow, so down to earth with us. A very likable personality who gave very wise counsels. He was peace-loving and encouraging of service.

Prof, I am consoled by the fact that you lived a good life. You will be sorely missed by your University of Liverpool family and many others. You made your mark here on earth well. You brought sunshine to all of us and your good works will not be forgotten.

May the good Lord accept Professor Lovett Lawson in His bosom. May He grant his delectable wife, children, brothers, sister and all his loved ones left behind the fortitude to bear this loss.

Good night my dear Prof Lovett.”