Media round-up: COVID-19 and the University of Liverpool

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the University of Liverpool has proudly been at the forefront of the COVID-19 research programme of innovation and discovery, as well as a key player in supporting our NHS and the Liverpool City Region. Many of our research colleagues and other University staff have been excellent spokespeople for these new developments, often making local national news. We have collected some highlights from these media features to further spread the pioneering work of our University.

Research in the news

Professor Tom Solomon

Opinion leaders

Liverpool City

Pioneering cultural progress

  • Professor Dame Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Liverpool, recently took part in Liverpool City Council’s Mersey Waves podcast, alongside Mayor Joe Anderson and the Chief Executive of Liverpool BID, Bill Addy. The podcast discusses how Liverpool will come together to recover from the impact of COVID-19, and the crucial role of our organisation in the continued, co-ordinated response to the virus:
  • Lecturers from the University’s Department of Psychology have launched the ‘Coping with COVID’ podcast to provide support to medical, allied health professions and nursing students working in the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although aimed at NHS workers, the episodes cover helpful topics such as sleep, alcohol and resilience to protect or improve your mental health during these, and other difficult circumstances:

For more information and research stories, please visit the University news site or the COVID Hub, where you can read more about the University of Liverpool researchers behind this transformative work and their priorities.