Class of 1968 Medicine Reunion

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On 13 June 2018 a group of alumni from the Liverpool Medical School Class of 1968 met to celebrate 50 years since they graduated.

"Seventy six of us gathered at the Waterhouse Cafe in the Victoria Building - the lower floor which was once divided up by drab stud walls into offices housing the grant administration where we went at the beginning of term to collect our grants and later sat examinations on the upper floors. Now it is restored to its former glory of colourful tiled walls, arches and alcoves.

"There were 120 in our year - some 20% women (a high percentage for those years) and many of us married within our year group, some like myself before we even graduated. Sadly now a few have passed on and several are frail, but those who came were healthy and happy. Maybe because we have, all but one I think, retired! Now it seems we are all equal again, just as we were when we were students. Whereas a few years ago some were grandees - professors, consultants and such - others mere GPs like myself, but we have all achieved a great deal in our lives, thanks to the good grounding of the Liverpool Medical School.

"The Waterhouse cafe looked beautiful with the tables laid and flowers arranged and burst with the chatter and laughter of us all meeting old friends. We had an excellent meal followed by a wonderful after dinner speech by Professor Averil Mansfield. She graduated from Liverpool in 1960 and was senior registrar in surgery at Broadgreen hospital at the time of our graduation. She went on to a renowned career as a vascular surgeon and became the first woman professor of surgery at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. She reminded us of our student days with amusing anecdotes of some of our teachers, Dr Baker Bates, Mr Howell Hughes and Miss Foreshaw.

"A wonderful evening and a fun few days rediscovering Liverpool and its many attractions. When will we return - 2023 maybe?"

Heather Davis (MBChB 1968)

All the photos from the reunion are available to view by following the link here: