How your donations help

Improving facilities

Donations to 'Areas of Greatest Need' and 'Improvements to Learning Facilities and Services' are distributed to various projects across campus, all focused on enhancing the student experience across campus.

Grants awarded through the distribution of the Benefactors’ Fund include:

£61,200 to School of Engineering for a high speed wind tunnel
£35,000 to the Libraries to facilitate a laptop loan service
£30,000 to facilitate the opening of an International Student Centre
£26,414 to the Central Teaching Laboratory for a portable planetarium
£25,400 for careers mentoring software 
£21,650 towards a 3D Printer for School of Architecture
£5,000 to the Department of Chemistry for a personal response system (PRS) units.

The Department of Chemistry's grant funded 100 personal response units for use in lectures and workshops. The Personal Response System (PRS) allows students to provide instant answers or feedback during a lecture via a hand-held keypad.

Dr James Gaynor, teacher in the Department of Chemistry, said, “These units are a great way to let me see how effective my teaching methods are and they allow me to be reactive during a lecture – if students are struggling with a certain topic, I can spend more time explaining that area rather than moving on.”