Alumni news

Information for alumni contacted by WWANA

The University of Liverpool has become aware that a US-based organisation known as Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni (WWANA) has been contacting University of Liverpool alumni, and alumni from other UK universities, offering a professional networking service for a fee.

Please note that WWANA is an independent profit-making organisation with no affiliation to the University of Liverpool and it has been contacting alumni without our prior knowledge or consent. We would like to reassure our alumni that we haven’t provided this organisation with contact details and would never give out alumni contact details to other organisations without prior consent.

We would encourage our alumni not to pay the membership fee or agree to be interviewed by WWANA. The University of Liverpool already offers a comprehensive networking service to all alumni, including professional events, benefits and communications, and we do not charge for access to this service.

Any communications from the University will always have so you will know it is genuine.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at