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Sports Management Professional Interest Network

This network aims to facilitate the development of business to business alumni connections among clubs, governing bodies, specialist firms, agencies and consultancies, operating in the Sport Management sector.

The Sports Management PIN is open to all graduates who are working in the sector and there will be numerous professional development and networking events organised throughout year.

The group is managed by Amy Lee (Football Industries MBA 2005), Neil Coster (Football Industries MBA 2009), Neil Eaves (Football Industries MBA 1998), Tom Markham (Football Industries MBA 2009) and Phil McKee (Football Industries MBA 2011), with assistance from the Management School and Dr Rory Miller, Football Industries MBA Programme Director.

The University has a long history of offering sports related courses such as the Football Industries MBA degree which launched in 1997 and now has several hundred graduates working throughout the world, and in 2015 the University inaugurated a similar degree specialising in the Thoroughbred Horseracing Industries. 

For more information on the group, please email us, on or join the Sports Management PIN group on Liverpool Connect.

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