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Our Graduate Connect webinar series is designed to offer you new ways of thinking about international business issues and trends in the workplace, tips for advancing your career and professional development support, right from your computer.

All of our online seminars are recorded so even if you can’t attend, you can access our webinar library below and listen at your leisure.

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How HR can take advantage of social media

Tim Scott (BA Hons Philosophy 1997), People Director, Fletchers Solicitors and Founder of The Work Consultancy, discusses the rise of digital and social technology, current and future technology trends and the digital skills gap. Tim considers what this means for HR professionals, how they need to respond and will conclude with practical tips to take away.

Technology transforming business - who exactly leads?

John Hanley (BEng Hons Mechanical Engineering 1979), Founder of Run the Change, explores technology business models and who controls the innovation agenda going forward.  From the more traditional General Electric, NASA and Philips to the technology led innovators such as Airbnb and Uber, John will also explore what this might mean for the roles that can be played in the new generation of business models.

Life Design Series 

Serial entrepreneur, life coach and alumnus Willem Gous (MSc Information Systems Management 2015) offers key insight into the secrets of designing and living the life you have always wanted. Avoid the biggest mistake that leads to being stuck in a life you dislike, being overworked and unhealthy, ending up in a repetitive cycle of life where every year seems to be the same as the previous. You can find the resources that Willem mentions throughout the webinar by clicking here.

Webinar one concentrates on the beliefs and fears that hold you back from living the life you always wanted.

Webinar two concentrates on providing clarity about the life you really want and planning the life you always wanted.

Webinar three concentrates on action steps and processes to set your plans in motion.