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Voice Search: Its growth and impact on marketing

Thursday 14 December, 12pm GMT

We are all familiar with typing a query into Google to find a product, business, or answer to a question. But many of us are now choosing to ask Google and others out loud. This trend is growing much faster than most businesses realise and fundamentally impacts marketing.

In this webinar, University of Liverpool alumnus Tim Butler (BA Hons Business Economics 1994), Director of Innovation Visual, outlines the explosive growth in voice search and explains how the difference between typing and verbalizing search queries will require huge changes from businesses that want to be successful. Tim’s webinar will take you from the basics of voice search through to how the technology is changing digital marketing and explore how the future might shape up and how businesses can be part of the voice-controlled future.

There are an estimated 50 billion voice searches per month and its growth is faster than any previous trend in digital marketing. Voice search changes the playing field for businesses, as consumers’ expectations of what can be achieved by simply talking to their devices grows. How can business leaders, marketing professionals, and those entering marketing harness the power of voice search to gain a competitive advantage? What can be done now by businesses to be part of the revolution and not be left behind by technology’s unstoppable march?

The webinar will take place on Thursday 14 December at 12pm GMT, follow the link below to register.

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The webinar will be approximately one hour long. Follow the link above to register and if you are interested but can't attend, register anyway and you will get the recording directly to your inbox.

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