Quantum Universe

Science in the City: Wonders beyond everyday life experience

Wednesday 7 November, 6.30pm

Explore the mysteries of the quantum world with Professor Kurt Langfeld, Head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, as he delivers the next Science in the City lecture in London on 7 November.

Science has taken us to illusive places beyond everyday life experience; from the nano world to the early universe, only a millionth of a second old. In the pursuit of the unimaginable, quantum physics has sparked truly remarkable advances in technology: on Earth, we can create the coldest extended region in the universe and produce a vacuum which is more perfect than that in outer-space.

Professor Kurt LangfeldIn Professor Langfeld's talk, he will take you on a journey into the quantum world and beyond everyday life's imagination. You will step into a world where one hour for one person is a year for another one and where the strongest force for nano machines arises from the "absence of nothing”. Professor Langfeld will review recent discoveries such as the confirmation of the Higgs particle and the new terra incognita: dark matter and dark energy.

The event will take place at the London Mathematical Society, De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, WC1B 4HS on Wednesday 7 November and will begin at 6.30pm. Tickets are FREE but places are limited.

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